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ISO 14068-1:2023, transition to net zero emissions


The recently published ISO 14068-1 standard provides a methodology for evaluating carbon neutrality: principles, requirements and guidance for achieving and demonstrating neutrality. 
The goal is to quantify, reduce and offset carbon footprints by using a hierarchical approach that emphasizes reducing direct and indirect GHG emissions and prioritizing removal over offsets within the value chain.

This standard is essential for organizations that are committed to carbon neutrality, supporting sustainable development and transitioning to activities with low GHG emissions. It ensures that carbon neutrality efforts are true, fair, scientifically valid and reported transparently. 

The main advantages of implementing it are that it:
- Helps companies achieve actual carbon neutrality.
- Increases credibility and confidence in carbon neutrality statements.
- Promotes ambitious and scientifically based strategies to reduce GHG emissions
- Promotes an integrated value chain and life cycle approach to carbon management.
ISO 14068-1 is consistent with global efforts to achieve net zero GHG emissions and it supports the targets of the Paris Agreement.